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 Welcome to our homepage. We are printing and selling books for watersport enthusiasts in the finest way possible. Find out more on the following pages and enjoy.

Who we are

BonaNova Books is the publishing brand name of Martin Muth, journalist with 40 years of experience. He specialized in the nautical sector since 1990 and, among other things, became editor of the German “Yacht” magazine and director for the “hanseboot” boat show in Hamburg. In 2011 he set up as publisher of the "Portbook & Island Guide" for the Balearic Islands and in 2015 the photo-book "Around Mallorca" was added. Since 2002 Martin Muth represents the Cruiser Section of the German Sailing Federation in the entire Mediterranean area.

What we do

Producing a new book means for us to realise always a very high level on text, photos and grafic design. Investing in quality is our main goal and the guideline to satisfy our readers. Therefore we invest in state of the art technical equipment and we update all facts with every issue until the latest detail. The rates of our books are always reasonable, not cheap but worth the price. Concerning the topics BonaNova Books is primarily focussed on the Balearic Islands and Mallorca but beside we have some other books to offer, from other authors and publishers ...

Good Fellows

Mainly our "Portbook & Island Guide" to the Balearic Islands is a designated communication platform for all companies engaged in the nautical business in this area which belongs to the most attractive ones in the whole Mediterranean. This up to date cruising handbook for captains and crew is highly recognised and permanently in use, at preparation and during the trip. It's intensive use is one of the main advantages for our partners and strongly supports what they like to achive: to deliver their messages to the customers in high quality.